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We're on a mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that changes the world.

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About Us

Koddn Technologies is an IT consulting, business solutions, and IT services provider. We work for Intelligence.We offer services in Web Development, Mobile Application Development, SAAS, CRM, ERP, desktop applications, Artifical Intelligence, e-learning solutions for modern educational institutes.

Koddn technology plays an important role in today's business industry. We develop different levels to accomplish the various responsibilities inherent in a software development effort. We excel in delivering quality services to a wide range of businesses. Our company is engaged in developing, testing, and deploying software solutions and applications with the best programming experts. Our goal is to deliver end to end software products and solutions from concept to code and development to development. we work in depth with a wide range of technology information, domains, and proven delivery models. Our aim is to achieve global leadership in software technology by providing an innovative, reliable, faster and profitable solution to our customers. We will become an integral part of our client's success.